Gil Monteverde


Lethes em Bruto - Memorial Dançante is a Site Specific Festival in the city of Viana do Castelo, Portugal.

My role together with Inês Costa was to create every object of the festival's identity. From logo to social media implementation.

For this first edition of the festival, we got inspired by the Lethes river (rio Lima) legend to create a dancing flow of information. We've created this identity in order to be rearranged to future editions.

It was the Lethes, also called River of Forgetfulness, whose waters had the power to erase one’s memory, forgetting everything that happened in life. So, those who crossed it could start from the beginning, being free from the past.


Juliana Fernandes and Mariana Pombal

Victor Gomes

Designers and Videographers
Gil Monteverde and Inês Costa